Entertain in style with 'Love made Visible' and 'Design Sponge'

With the warm weather upon us (except today, rainy and gray here in New Jersey), we entertain, throw garden parties, barbecues and the like. Love Made Visible offers us ideas for Cards, Invitations, Gift Wrap and Tableware, all that in spare, elegant fashion, one photo and a short outline at a time.Wine_wrap_1 In a different way, Design Sponge written by Grace Bonney (based in Brooklyn, New York) offers more furniture items especially garden items.

To illustrate this piece I chose these creative wine bottle wraps by Heidi

I discovered both through the ever curious Rachel Cunliffe, a far away neighbor from New Zealand

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Graphique de France, postcards of slices of life

May 13
While browsing at a local Borders , I found a number of postcards by Graphique de France. What caught my eye I guess was their old fashioned look and the choice of black and white. There is a touch of nostalgia to them like the one I purchased: a french couple back in the 50's or early 60's having a picnic by the side of the road, near their Renault 4CV, a classic french car...
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In 'Are you ready to succeed' Srikumar Rao examines ways to live a more fruitful life

May 16
Often we wonder what the purpose of what we are doing is, does it make sense? In 'Are you ready to succeed', Srikumar Rao, professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Business explores ways to put ourselves in a better place. He looks at it through business and spiritual lenses, offering exercices, reading and other tools that can open our eyes and help us live a more meaningful life, one where we are glad to...