'All cupcakes, all the time', Cupcakes are hip again according to pastry chef Glenn Schwabik

Trends come and go and things get in and out of fashion. According to my friend, pastry chef Glenn Schwabik, cupcakes are back in vogue right now.
Rachel, Alizinha and Nichelle, the triumvirate behind Cupcakes take the Cake illustrate this. Their motto is 'All Cupcakes, all the Time'. I especially liked their Chocolate, Cream and Raspberry cupcakes showcased in the picture.Cupcake
I also discovered on their site Cupcake Royale opening a store in Seattle where many new trends started. Their old fashioned branding suits well these little delicacies.
Maybe this gives you some ideas as to what to do for Mother's Day. Even bake your own.
If you do, feel free to send us your recipe and a photo to illustrate it.

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