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'Soleme' guest house in Luanda seems a favorite with writers of various stripes

Apr 22
In Luanda (Angola), one of these african cities touched by the oil boom, 2 sisters Dona Eugenia and Dona Antonia offer simple and clean accomodations to visitors in their family run guest house Soleme. For $80.00 per night you get a room in a residence that seems favored by writers of all stripes. John Reed writes about them today as Hospitality warmer than the weather in the Financial Times. Sunil Deepak calls 'Soleme' the House...
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New Logo and Fresh Coat of Paint for 'Serge the Concierge'

Apr 25
Spring being here, we thought it was time to give 'Serge the Concierge' a fresh coat of paint. We asked the people at Logo Design Creation to create a Logo for us. After some back and forth and invaluable help from Lili, we finally had a final draft. We uploaded the Logo yesterday which led us to change the color theme as well. This might evolve over the coming 2 weeks until we find the...