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'Falanghina' a different white, my discovery for Wine Blogging Wednesday #20

Apr 12
I have to confess that I drink mostly reds, except for muscadet with my (raw) oysters and if I could afford them I would treat myself to white burgundies. Let's get back to the topic at hand. For Wine Blogging Wednesday #20, Wine for Newbies prompted us to explore the world of white wines beyond the usual Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. I tasted a few whites I did not know beforehand. My choice is 'Falanghina...
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A ride on the 'Little Yellow Train' (in the Pyrenees Mountains) sounds good on a sunny day

Apr 15
With a warm and sunny day dawning on us here in the good old US state of New Jersey, I was thinking of summer days when my parents and us kids hopped on the 'petit train jaune' in the Cerdagne part of the Pyrenees for a day trip one place or other. Even if it provides a sometimes bumpy ride, the scenery is worth it and even on occasion jaw dropping.