'The Secret Language of Sleep', a book written by Evany Thomas, illustrated by Amelia Bauer puts meaning in our sleeping habits

In these sleep deprived times, our sleeping habits can tell us a thing or two about where improvements are needed, how our day was, how the next will be and the way all this impacts our partners in sleep."The Secret Language of Sleep:A Couple's Guide to the Thirty-Nine Positions" a book written by Evany Thomas and illustrated by Amelia Bauer lets humor peek in to tell us about our bedtime behavior.
Use their Sleep Test to see where you fit.

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'10 ways to stay on a bartender's good side' according to Bianca Antonacci in the San Francisco Chronicle

Apr 17
In 'Five drinks that bartenders just hate to make' published in the 'San Francisco Chronicle' on April 6, Bianca Antonacci gets bartenders to share with her the drinks and twists on drinks that drive them nuts. I would add to her list, frozen drinks. I kinda disagree with her on Mojitos. It is true that they are time consuming but I know many bartenders who like it. The part of her article I like best...
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'Petersham Nurseries', a green oasis outside London

Apr 19
Philippa Davenport writes eloquently in last week-end's Financial Times about Petersham Nurseries a green oasis located in Richmond, a few miles outside the center of London along the Thames river. They sell assorted antiques and garden artefacts and books. In the middle of all this is a Cafe that serves a limited menu based on fresh and seasonal products. One thing that I especially liked is that they list their 40 or so food sources...