A ride on the 'Little Yellow Train' (in the Pyrenees Mountains) sounds good on a sunny day

With a warm and sunny day dawning on us here in the good old US state of New Jersey, I was thinking of summer days when my parents and us kids hopped on the 'petit train jaune' Trainjaune2 in the Cerdagne part of the Pyrenees for a day trip one place or other.

Even if it provides a sometimes bumpy ride, the scenery is worth it and even on occasion jaw dropping.

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'Toronto Life' magazine can help you plan a week-end north of the border

Apr 13
The re-designed 'Toronto Life' magazine website offers a trove of information if you plan an escape north of the border. I especially liked their cheese page were I made a number of discoveries including a creamy blue cheese named Bouq' Emissaire.
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'10 ways to stay on a bartender's good side' according to Bianca Antonacci in the San Francisco Chronicle

Apr 17
In 'Five drinks that bartenders just hate to make' published in the 'San Francisco Chronicle' on April 6, Bianca Antonacci gets bartenders to share with her the drinks and twists on drinks that drive them nuts. I would add to her list, frozen drinks. I kinda disagree with her on Mojitos. It is true that they are time consuming but I know many bartenders who like it. The part of her article I like best...