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'My life in the bush of ghosts', seminal Eno-Byrne project to be re-released on April 11 by Nonesuch

It's been a while since I dropped a music note so I make up for it today. On April 11, Nonesuch Records will re-release (as an enhanced CD) "My life in the bush of ghosts" Small_cover a collaboration of Brian Eno and David Byrne. They were way ahead of their time with their own 'mashup' of what is now called 'world music', electronics and western pop. The original came out in 1981. In the 25 years since, we have learned to explore the many food and musical flavors that the world offers us. Eno and Byrne set up a Bush of Ghosts website where you can sample the tracks, see pictures of the orginal sessions and reviews and more. Best of all a 'remix page' on the site will soon allow you to remake-remodel them to your image.

Use it as your soundtrack if you plan on cooking a remix of flavors from the whole wide world.

Thanks to Jeffrey Zeldman for mentioning it on his Daily Report and bringing it to my attention.

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Paris Baguette Awards 2006: Jean-Pierre Cohier bakes best one

Being born and bred in France, I like my baguette. Either with butter or jelly for breakfast, dipped in coffee or hot chocolate or with an assortment of cheeses later during the day.
I discovered today on Chocolate and Zucchini that Paris gives a yearly award for Best Baguette.Baguette
The winner in 2006 was Jean-Pierre Cohier whose bakery is located at 270, Rue Saint-Honore (8eme arrondissement). This week I am buying my baguette at my Montclair Whole Foods. They have a special 99c organic baguette. I like mine fresh and crusty.

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Improve your Cheese & Geography Skills with this Cheese Map

When you visit the Cheese counter of your favorite store, you might wonder many times where these cheeses come from. Maybe you plan a trip to Europe in the coming months and would enjoy a visit to some of the producers.

This Map with 68 French cheeses might help you in all these areas. I discovered it on Wayfaring. Explore and enjoy. It might even inspire you to create a map(s) of your own favorite things.

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The BBC lists "50 things to eat before you die"

This is not the kind of to do lists that one writes usually, the BBC offers "50 things to eat before you die". Amongst the things I have not tried (and not sure I ever will) are Moreton Bay Bugs, Alligator, Kangaroo, Guinea pig and Reindeer. Moreton Bay Bugs Moreton_bay_bugs are not insects but crustacean now very popular with our friends from down under as I found out today.

Personally, I can always discover new dishes whem my friend Soraya from Indonesia cooks something for one of her dinners.

I read about this Top 50 on Vantan by Vanessa Tan.

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Starting Today you can find us at ''

We finally took the time over the week-end to make the few changes that allow you to find us at a new and shorter address ''. This is easier to remember and if you recommend us to friends or colleagues less of a mouthfull. The 'typepad' address still works.

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Fond of Spicy Food especially Indian, visit 'Hooked on Heat'

Since September, Meena in Canada shares her love of cooking and spicy Indian food on 'Hooked on Heat'. She is also playing host this month to From My Rasoi which offers a 'fusion' take on Indian food. To illustrate her work, I chose her picture Eggplant of 'Baingan ka Bharta' (Indian Roasted Eggplant).

With this Spring that still feels like almost winter (here in New Jersey), spicing up our meal feels like the only way we can get any heat.

She was one of the food bloggers from around the world featured in January in Cooking up the world on Global Voices.

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'Bon Echo' Park in Ontario offers great views and plenty of outdoors fun

Located near Napanee, Ontario (Addington Highlands), Bon Echo park is the perfect destination if you like any type of outdoors activities and need a restfull time. 3542bon_echo_1 It includes Mazinaw lake, one of the deepest in Ontario where you  can glide on the water in a canoe and/or catch such fish as northern pike and smallmouth bass.

'Bon Echo' has long been popular with painters and photographers looking for great scenery.

Check this page for accomodations in the area.

The park also offers great hiking and bike trails.

Bon Echo is also the 'nickname' for the beta version of Firefox 2. This is how I found out about both on Wired Blog.

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One year anniversary for 'Serge the Concierge' today

The day has come. Today March 22nd marks the first anniversary of this Blog, Serge the Concierge.
Today I share a very spring picture of 'Jardin des Plantes' Jardin_des_plantes_1 in Toulouse where some of my family lives. I like the feeling of peace that emanates from it. I could see myself sitting there with a book or just having an idle moment, letting my mind wander.
That picture was found on Toulouse Daily Photo one of the many Daily Photo Blogs inspired by Paris Daily Photo which celebrated its 1st anniversary earlier this year.

Feel free to send me your 'birthday' photo, drawing or thoughts.

Have a good day


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'World Water Day' tomorrow Wednesday, March 22nd

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 22nd, is World Water Day. 11 marches (sponsored by Ethos Water and Starbucks) will take place is the USA. The idea is to remind us in developped countries that many people(most often women) in the world have to walk as much as 6 miles to get to a water source.
If you cannot join one of the walks, you can sign up as a virtual participant. Tell your friends and spread the word on your website or blog.

I read about it on the Ted Blog today

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Do we need access to services really early, like before 6:00 am asks the Washington Post

In our always on world, Patricia Kitchen comments on how early people at least in DC get up to get things done. She quotes a March 16 article "Cock-a-Doodle 'Do" in the Washington Post on a suburban DC hair salon opening its doors at 5:30 am. I do know of a friend who is a personal trainer who has a few clients coming at 6:00 am. We might not look (or feel) our best this early in the day. I am not sure if I would be willing to start my day earlier than that 6:00 am mark. Except in the summer and I think it would be wise to take a little nap in the afternoon. How far can we go down the sleep depravation slope?

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