Now in paperback, 'A year in the Merde' by Stephen Clarke pokes gentle fun at parisian life

Being often the butt of jokes about things french or being asked for travel advice regarding 'le pays de l'amour et du camembert' even though I have lived in the USA for 16 years now, the cover of the paperback edition of 'A year in the Merde' by Stephen Clarke, a Paris based british journalist caught my eye. His humourous comments make for a fun and relaxing read. The book is more about parisian life than french life itself. For whatever reason Merde_uk_1 the UK (left) and US (right) Merde_us_1 cover are different.

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We invite you to donate to 'a Menu for Hope', raising funds (Unicef is recipient) for victims of the Kashmir earthquake

Dec 15
A California based Food Blogger 'Pim' is behind a Menu for Hope whose goal is to raise funds for victims of the Kashmir earthquake. All you have to do is donate $5 and you will be eligible for the raffle drawing for a gift of your choice. The funds go to Unicef.
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Hot air balloon rides are not just the province of Richard Branson

Dec 19
Wondered what it feels like to lift off in a hot air balloon, one of the companies in the field, the US Hot Air Ballon Team based in Lancaster County (Amish County), Pennsylvania offers balloon flights starting with one hour adventures. Thinking of doing something special with your better half, book a one hour private flight for $750.00. They also offer packages abroad throughout the year. Maybe it would appeal to Jeremy Zawodny at Yahoo...