In search of some of the Best Airfares, try 'Mobissimo'

If like me you hate having to visit any, many,  number of travel websites to find some of the best fares for air travel, hotels and the like, give a try to Mobissimo. Enter your choice of destination and in no time you get some of the best fares available. They do not sell the products. It is best described as a search engine for Travel. I first read about them on John Batelle's blog. He is the author of the recently published 'The Search', a book looking at how 'Google' changed a number of ways we see the world.

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'Ommegang' Belgian style 'Abbey Ale' Made in Cooperstown

Nov 30
While wine shopping for Thanksgiving I discovered a new beer named Ommegang produced in Cooperstown, New York State. It is part of the Duvel family of beers. Pour slowly and enjoy their belgian style Abbey Ale ('Dubbel Ale') without the monks.
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Dreaming of Tuscany, 'Marzolino' cheese gives you some of its flavors

Dec 2
It is always pleasant to discover a cheese one does not know, especially if you enjoy it. It just happened to me this week when I tasted Marzolino. Made with Sheep's milk, this pecorino cheese comes to us from Sienna in Tuscany (Italy). It has a smooth, soft texture complemented by a long finish. Being rubbed with San Marzano tomatoes gives its rind an orange colour and a distinctive flavor.