Ian Urbina writes about 'Life's little annoyances' in his new book

New York Times reporter Ian Urbina describes things that tick him (and others) off in his book 'Life's little annoyances'. He will be discussing the book Lifelittle on NPR's Week-End Edition in the coming weeks. we will post the date when it happens. I would offer my own pet peeve: why do we need music piped everywhere including restrooms. Are we afraid of a minute or two of calm and silence, noise annoys.
You can buy the book in good local bookstores and online if you cannot find it locally.

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Let me quote Elise: 'Messy, juicy, sweet food that involves sanctioned spitting?': Pomegranate

Nov 18
It is true Pomegranates make for messy eating but how delicious they are, sweet and juicy. I had to read Pomegranates by Elise of Simply Recipes to remember the pleasure of eating them.
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Sam Parker invites us to join the 'Global SalesBlood Drive' from November 28 to December 2

Nov 20
Check Sam Parker, a blogger and consultant based in Virginia. He raises a very relevant point as outlined by Creating Customer Evangelists who made us aware of the Blood Drive he got going:"The time to give blood is not when you're strapped to an emergency room gurney. Kudos to Sam for converting words into action". As a result he launched Global BloodSales Drive. It takes place from November 28 to December 2.