Get your thinking going, hear Seth Godin in Edison, New Jersey on Thursday, November 17 (start time: 7:45 am)

On Thursday, November 17, Move Ahead 1, has a morning session with Seth Godin at the Holiday Inn in Edison, New Jersey. If you like to get new thinking going, this is a morning session to attend.
Check the Event Link for more details.
Seth Godin's more recent book is 'All Marketers are Liars' and he is the original spirit behind the Big Moo project.

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This holiday season, ETSY marketplace might be the place to go if you like handcrafted items

Nov 8
It is always pleasant to find original items. This holiday season ETSY whose tagline is "Your place to buy and sell all things handmade" might be one place to go. I discovered the company on Techcrunch . They wrote a detailed review of the company. I can see my friend Susanna Sueldo of El Jacaranda using their services, she sells leather goods made in Argentina.
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In need of fresh Photos for a Project...Fotolia just launched

Nov 11
While getting my daily dose of up and coming companies on the Web by visiting Techcrunch, I discovered Fotolia. Fotolia is a new company that offers 100.000 photos for either web or print use. You can preview all the pictures on their site. The prices go from zero to $ 2000.00 depending on the rank of the photographer. The popularity of their offerings determines their ranking. You can also sell your own pictures of course....