Clotilde of 'Chocolate & Zucchini' offers us a 'Pear Tartlet' recipe on NPR's Kitchen Window

You might be in the mood for baking over the week-end (or just want to make your mouth water), in that case try the recipe for 'Pear Tartlets' offered by Clotilde of Chocolate and Zucchini on NPR's Kitchen Window this week.Pear_pastilla_1
It is inspired by Pastilla, a traditional dish of Morocco otherwise known as Pigeon Pie, check the traditional recipe by Paul Bloxham, a chef from the UK.

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Stephen Shapiro author of the upcoming book 'Goal Free Living' is in the November issue of Oprah Magazine

Nov 3
We had the pleasure to have a lunch discussion in Montclair (New Jersey) with Stephen Shapiro while he was researching his book. The results of this listening tour will be published in December as 'Goal Free Living' (Wiley). Stephen is featured in a 2 page article of the current issue of Oprah Magazine. To celebrate the article, he is giving away one section of the book. You can get it by e-mailing him at [email protected]
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The first batch of Contributions to Wine Blogging Wednesdays #15 is available

Nov 7
The first batch of Contributions to Wine Blogging Wednesdays #15 (including ours) was posted on Gastronomie SF yesterday. I hope it helps you make some wine discoveries. To stay with the food and wine topic, I will be sharing some Thanksgiving recipes (courtesy of pastry chef Glenn Schwabik) and wines ( courtesy of Sharon Sevrens) to go with them later this month. Philippa Davenport wrote about the Best Dressed Turkeys in last Saturday's edition of...