Based on Movies and Music you like 'Liveplasma' allows you to discover things you might like

Frederic Vavrille offers us Liveplasma. This is a neat tool that allows you based on Musicians, Directors, Actors you like to find other Artists you might want to discover. Just enter your favorite and visual map appears giving you connections to new choices. I found out about it on Techcrunch today.

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Sam Parker invites us to join the 'Global SalesBlood Drive' from November 28 to December 2

Nov 20
Check Sam Parker, a blogger and consultant based in Virginia. He raises a very relevant point as outlined by Creating Customer Evangelists who made us aware of the Blood Drive he got going:"The time to give blood is not when you're strapped to an emergency room gurney. Kudos to Sam for converting words into action". As a result he launched Global BloodSales Drive. It takes place from November 28 to December 2.
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No need to Panic, Thanksgiving Recipes from 360 eats, Simply Recipes and Daily Olive

Nov 22
In case you are panicking Thursday morning as to what you will be putting on the table for the Thanksgiving Meal here are a few places you can visit for quick ideas and inspiration. I will start with Elise of Simply Recipes who has a whole selection of choices for main and side dishes. Then I would suggest Daily Olive which compiled a number of online sources for both wine and food tips. Last pick...