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High flying Italian Lady treated herself to a (free) $437.00 Lunch in Rome reports 'Observer' column

Oct 28
The 'Observer' column of the Financial Times reports in It's on us on how a lady from Viterbo province has been treating herself for several years to the best eateries in Rome without ever paying. It culminated this week with a $437.00 Lunch on Via Veneto of (I quote): "calamari, pasta, fish, prosecco, a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne, fruit, a digestif and coffee"
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Wondering what to make of the last 10 Bordeaux vintages...Read Jancis Robinson's thoughts

Oct 31
If your wine collection is big enough (and includes Bordeaux) that you want to consider what to buy, save for later or drink now, read the Best of Bordeaux (1995 to 2005) column by Jancis Robinson. I add to this Neal Martin's First Impressions on the 2005 Bordeaux Vintage on Wine Journal.