Imagine a Consumer Good almost 1000 years old: Grana Padano cheese is such a thing

While gathering some information on Grana Padano, Granapadanoa type of Parmesan, I discovered to my surprise that it was close to 1000 years old.
Cistercian monks in Chiaravalle (Italy) started making this cheese as a way of saving milk. An unpasteurized, hard, cow milk cheese, it ripens in 12 to 48 months and can be eaten or shaved or grated on your salads or pastas and more. For more details read tasting review.

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Ryan Singel (Wired) relates how 'Ritual Coffee Roasters' became a second home for many San Francisco techies

Oct 18
Ryan Singel writes today on Wired on how Ritual Coffee Roasters, in Mission District of San Francisco, established itself in the past few months as the favorite hangout and second office for many programmers and other techies. His article "Cafe 2.0: After the gold rush" tells us as much about the passion and love of tinkering with the art of good coffee that the owners, Jeremy Tooker and Eileen Hassi bring to the place.
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Like things broken into little pieces: read a few pages of Cory Doctorow on your PC or your Cell Phone

Oct 20
I saw it mentioned a few days ago on the Pholist and Steve Baker on Blogspotting writes about it today. If you do not have much time to read, 'Someone comes to town, someone leaves town', the latest book by Cory Doctorow is now available as an RSS feed (your news reader)through Surfarama. If you subscribe, a few pages will be delivered every day over a month period (for free). You can even read it...