High flying Italian Lady treated herself to a (free) $437.00 Lunch in Rome reports 'Observer' column

The 'Observer' column of the Financial Times reports in It's on us on how a lady from Viterbo province has been treating herself for several years to the best eateries in Rome without ever paying. It culminated this week with a $437.00 Lunch on Via Veneto of (I quote): "calamari, pasta, fish, prosecco, a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne, fruit, a digestif and coffee"

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Apple is 'remarkable', they offer tribute to Rosa Parks on their homepage

Oct 27
A photo of Rosa Parks originally used by Apple during their 'Think Different' campaign graces Apple's Homepage today. It illustrates perfectly the theme of companies being 'remarkable' as explored in the collective book 'The Big Moo' edited by Seth Godin with some 30 plus writers. I just started reading it yesterday. Thanks to Om Malik and Gigaom for bringing it to my attention. His blog is a good place to visit for information on broadband...
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On October 31st, share your 'Great Pumpkin Carve Up Cook Off' with Elise of 'Simply Recipes'

Oct 29
If Halloween inspires you and you have a blog , why not share your ideas with Elise of 'Simply Recipes' who set up the "Great Pumpkin Carve Up Cook Off". Your piece must be submitted sometimes Monday, October 31st. Have fun!