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Wondering what to make of the last 10 Bordeaux vintages...Read Jancis Robinson's thoughts

If your wine collection  is big enough (and includes Bordeaux) that you want to consider what to buy, save for later or drink now, read the Best of Bordeaux (1995 to 2005) column by Jancis Robinson.
I add to this Neal Martin's First Impressions on the 2005 Bordeaux Vintage on Wine Journal.

High flying Italian Lady treated herself to a (free) $437.00 Lunch in Rome reports 'Observer' column

The 'Observer' column of the Financial Times reports in It's on us on how a lady from Viterbo province has been treating herself for several years to the best eateries in Rome without ever paying. It culminated this week with a $437.00 Lunch on Via Veneto of (I quote): "calamari, pasta, fish, prosecco, a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne, fruit, a digestif and coffee"

Apple is 'remarkable', they offer tribute to Rosa Parks on their homepage

A photo of Rosa Parks originally used by Apple during their 'Think Different' campaign graces Apple's Homepage today. It illustrates perfectly the theme of companies being 'remarkable' as explored in the collective book 'The Big Moo' edited by Seth Godin with some 30 plus writers. I just started reading it yesterday.
Thanks to Om Malik and Gigaom for bringing it to my attention.
His blog is a good place to visit for information on broadband internet and the like.
He also writes for Business 2.0 magazine.

I will take part in Wine Blogging Wednesdays No 15 on November 2

I will contribute to the upcoming Wine Blogging Wednesdays(Number 15) on November 2nd. This time it is coordinated by Gastronomie (San Francisco). The theme is:  wines produced in 250 cases or less. I will collaborate on this effort with sommelier Sharon Sevrens who just opened Amanti Vino, an inviting new wine store with a lot of special finds in my hometown of Montclair, New Jersey. Read what Baristanet says about Amanti Vino and discover its sophisticated look.

Calgary (Canada) based 'Uppercase Gallery' offers us 'We've got your number' greeting cards

Calgary (Canada) based Uppercase Uppercase_1covers the world of graphic design through its gallery, books and papergoods. We especially liked the simplicity and elegance of their 'We've got your number' set of greeting cards. Their paper products and greeting cards are designed by Vangool Design & Typography which share the same space.
I discovered Uppercase on Coudal.

Tired of eating Ahi Tuna...Try 'Hebi' otherwise known as shortbill spearfish from Hawai

Your have a taste for sushi grade fish such as ahi tuna but like to bring some variety to your fish selection, try 'Hebi'.Hebi1 Hebi is otherwise known as shortbill spearfish because of its almost nonexistant bill. It is mostly line caught in Hawai. Its flavor is mild but slightly stronger than ahi tuna. For more information on other hawaian fishes, read what The Maui Queen has to say. Want to try a 'Hebi' receipe, here's one originally published by the Honolulu-Star Bulletin in 1997.

Ordering Checks Online...A (mostly) unpleasant customer experience

On Saturday, I realized that I forgot to reorder Checks. Trying to get a better deal than what my bank  offers, I decided to make a Google Search and then visit the Websites offering the Checks Services. I started with Clarke American then moved on to Checks in the Mail and onto Checks Unlimited. In all instances, it was easy to find a myriad of designs but what about a simple way to get to a price list, good luck. Out of frustration and thinking it was not worth the time I was spending, I went back to my bank's website and was able to order my Checks in a breeze.

On Friday, Light Touch: French Commercial for 'Laughing Cow' Cheese by Cube Creative

Hey! For Friday, let's keep it light. I hope you enjoy this French Commercial (2005) for 'The Laughing Cow' Cheese ('La Vache qui Rie' in French). Laughing_cowIt was created by Alexandre Theil of Cube Creative for Leo Burnett. I discovered Cube Creative on Coudal.
They offer a number of other short movies as well.

Like things broken into little pieces: read a few pages of Cory Doctorow on your PC or your Cell Phone

I saw it mentioned a few days ago on the Pholist and Steve Baker on Blogspotting writes about it today.
If you do not have much time to read, 'Someone comes to town, someone leaves town',Coversmall_2
the latest book by Cory Doctorow is now available as an RSS feed (your news reader)through Surfarama. If you subscribe, a few pages will be delivered every day over a month period (for free). You can even read it on your Cell Phone through Winksite even though personally I do not see myself reading a book on my phone. Winksite also offers BLOGS on your Phone.