Posts from August 2005

Nir Ofir, an Israeli Blogger launched the Idea of a Worlwide Blogday 2005

While visiting David Weinberger's Hyperblog we noticed his mentioned of Blogday 2005. An isreali blogger, Nir Ofir, launched the idea of all willing participants around the world offering each 5 favorite blogs covering different styles, topics, cultures so people have a chance to widen their horizon.
It takes place on August 31st and Nir suggests as well that people meet around the world to discuss this topic.

Atmosphere...Ambience...and Restaurants of New York...Visit Noah Kalina's photoblog

We often think of the ambience as much as the food when considering a place where to eat. Noah Kalina offers photos of the Interiors of many New York restaurants on his photoblog. His archive is organized by months. Some of my favorites are Centrino (Tribeca), La Esquina (Soho) and Paris Match (Upper West Side)...Take a look and share your own Top 3 with us.

Sudi Pigott tells us about her leisurely trip in the countryside near Bordeaux in the Financial Times week-end

If like me you dream of a few days in peaceful surroundings, with leisurely lunches followed by a nap in the shade of ageless trees, you will find pleasure in reading "Heavenly notes and wines to lust after" By Sudi Pigott in this week-end's FT. She shares with us her roaming around the wine country outside Bordeaux.

Add Zuco 103 third album 'Whaa!' to the Soundtrack of your week-end

As you might know by now, I have a taste for things brazilian. I finally had the time to listen to Zuco 103Zuco103_1 third album "Whaa!" yesterday. It is their best effort.
Besides its mellow dance grooves, it has a jazz tinge on a number of tracks and they invited jamaican legend Lee Perry on the track 'Love is queen Omega'. If you want to listen to the whole album, sign up for Rhapsody free trial (if you don't have it).
You can also listen to samples of each song on Calabash Music, a site that offers an array of music from around the world. They call themselves the world's first fair trade music company.

Heirloom Tomatoes and Summer...Perfect together

I was lamenting the high price and lack of flavor of a lot of produce this summer yesterday.
Sharon Waxman waxes poetic on the Berkeley Bowl Marketplace in "You think you've got tomatoes" (today's New York Times. This marketplace currently offers some 50 different tomatoes, 20 heirloom, 20 regular, 10 type od cherry tomatoes.
An heirloom tomato salad is essential to a 'Steamed Manilla Clams and Rock Shrimp' appetizer part of a 5 course tasting menu offered by Chef Ken Trickilo at Napa Valley Grille in Paramus, New Jersey.
The tasting menu is offered for dinner Monday through Thursday (food only: $55.00 per person, food and wine pairing: $85.00 per person). To wet your appetite the fifth course is Glenn Schwabik's Creme Caramel.

In these times of enhanced security, more countries require visas, this Concierge can save you time

As we found out for a client last week with enhanced security measures more countries require visas from travellers.
This specific trip required from us one visit to drop all necessary documents and pay fees on one day and a return trip the following business day to pick up the completed forms.
As they offer these services only at specific hours, it makes it a time consuming task.
So next time your business or leisure travel requires such documents let Montclair Concierges and New Jersey Concierges navigate the lines for you.