Nir Ofir, an Israeli Blogger launched the Idea of a Worlwide Blogday 2005

While visiting David Weinberger's Hyperblog we noticed his mentioned of Blogday 2005. An isreali blogger, Nir Ofir, launched the idea of all willing participants around the world offering each 5 favorite blogs covering different styles, topics, cultures so people have a chance to widen their horizon.
It takes place on August 31st and Nir suggests as well that people meet around the world to discuss this topic.

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Atmosphere...Ambience...and Restaurants of New York...Visit Noah Kalina's photoblog

Aug 17
We often think of the ambience as much as the food when considering a place where to eat. Noah Kalina offers photos of the Interiors of many New York restaurants on his photoblog. His archive is organized by months. Some of my favorites are Centrino (Tribeca), La Esquina (Soho) and Paris Match (Upper West Side)...Take a look and share your own Top 3 with us.
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Find out what colors Designers have in store for us for the Fall at Pantone

Aug 19
Thanks to our all around design bible Coudal for making us aware of the Palette of Colours on the horizon for the Fall as described by Pantone.