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Drinking water and doing good is why Karen Barnes bought 'Ethos' water

Aug 24
Following a discussion with a recent client on the needs of single professional women for services such as those offered by our company, Montclair Concierges, we contacted Andrea Learned, co-author of 'Don't think Pink'. She in turn introduced us to the work of Karen Barnes who runs her marketing company 'Woodbine' in Winston-Salem (North Carolina). Karen relates how she bought Ethos water because of the company's promise to give a nickel for each bottle sold...
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The 'Wine Chicks' make you feel comfortable asking questions about wine

Aug 26
Two New York based women are behind a no-nonse Wine Blog called The Wine Chicks. Jay and Kristin consider that there are no 'stupid' questions as far as wine is concerned. A healthy attitude when some wine writers make you feel intimidated and ignorant.