From Satisfaction to Frustration: Using 'Staples' brand Postcard paper

After having my original cards printed at significant cost by a local printer, I attended a seminar where a HP representative showed us the advantage of in-house printing. So I designed my own business 'postcards' and after using Avery postcard product, I switched to the Staples store brand. I was happy with their product until the last month or so. The problem is not with the print quality, it is with the fact that (there are 4 cards per sheet) the cards do not separate neatly. It takes a few tries and some edges are fuzzy. Yesterday was my second trip at a local Staples store for that reason. As I had problems with the 'standard grade', I exchanged it for the 'premium', the same type of problem (fuzzy edges) persists. It looks like I will have to make another trip to 'Staples' and maybe switch back to Avery.
To add insult to injury, the customer service person asked me for my receipt which i had not brought with me as I was only exchanging a Staples brand product for another one.

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