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Nir Ofir, an Israeli Blogger launched the Idea of a Worlwide Blogday 2005

Aug 18
While visiting David Weinberger's Hyperblog we noticed his mentioned of Blogday 2005. An isreali blogger, Nir Ofir, launched the idea of all willing participants around the world offering each 5 favorite blogs covering different styles, topics, cultures so people have a chance to widen their horizon. It takes place on August 31st and Nir suggests as well that people meet around the world to discuss this topic.
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From Satisfaction to Frustration: Using 'Staples' brand Postcard paper

Aug 23
After having my original cards printed at significant cost by a local printer, I attended a seminar where a HP representative showed us the advantage of in-house printing. So I designed my own business 'postcards' and after using Avery postcard product, I switched to the Staples store brand. I was happy with their product until the last month or so. The problem is not with the print quality, it is with the fact that (there...