Customer Service without Interaction with the Customer on the Garden State Parkway

I frequently take the Garden State Parkway and sometimes need change as I do not use EZPass. Today was one of these occasions when I did. I could not miss the fact that as on numerous occasions of late the tollbooth attendant does not talk to you, look at you or aknowledge your presence in any way.
I personally feel that they are performing a customer service job and do not act accordingly.

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The 'Wine Chicks' make you feel comfortable asking questions about wine

Aug 26
Two New York based women are behind a no-nonse Wine Blog called The Wine Chicks. Jay and Kristin consider that there are no 'stupid' questions as far as wine is concerned. A healthy attitude when some wine writers make you feel intimidated and ignorant.
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Flex Mussels on Prince Edward Island offers a Symphony of Mussels recipes

Aug 28
Thanks to the column of Marialisa Calta in the travel section of today's New York Times for bringing to my attention Flex Mussels, a Prince Edward Island eatery and the creation of Toronto chef Quain. His no less than 23 offerings range from Mussels Parisienne with Pernod and Wild Turkey Mussels with Bourbon.