Yesterday was the First day of Summer...In France since 1982 it means 'La Fete de la Musique'

Since it began in France in 1982, June 21, the first day of Summer means 'Fete de la Musique'.
What the Fete de la Musique  means is a lot of Outdoor Concerts in the Spirit of Community.
Some events are well staged- big operations, others just mean a band playing in front of a store or a cafe. You can now find Fete de la musique Events as far as Malaysia  and this year marked the first time events were staged in London.
The only concerts I could find in the USA this year were in Miami.

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Inspired by the Contagious Media Project, We are looking for Submissions-Ideas on adding a 'short movie' to our Websites...

Jun 21
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For the Golfers amongst us, "The Groove" ('A driving range for the brain)

Jun 23
While browsing the website of favourite design and creative firm Coudal Partners based in Chicago, we discovered a Golf Product they are involved in called The Groove that they tag as a 'Driving Range for the Brain'. Its aim is to help golfers improve their focus and coordination. The origin of the product lies with techniques used with stroke patients and people affected by ADHD.