Posts from June 2005

Looking for a sunny yet peaceful vacation...take an 'Escapade' to Ardeche

If you are thinking of a peaceful vacation in the south of France, look no further than L'ESCAPADE a group of 'Gites' located in the village of Rosieres in Ardeche.
In high season their basic rate for 4 to 6 people is in the 550.00 (euros) to 650.00 (euros).
Each gite includes a Living room/ Kitchen so you can buy local produce and cook your own feast if you do not feel like eating out every day.
The area is well suited for hiking, mountain climbing, canoe and other water sports. On site, there is a pool and a tennis court.

One thing leads to another: From Chocolate to Red Wine: "Le Mazet" 2004 (Moulin de Gassac)

My new favorite 'everyday' red wine ( I am partial to reds) is called "Le Mazet" (which means small farm) Old World (2004).
At around $9.00 a botlle it is a real steal.
Produced by the the Guibert family using natural methods it is a traditional mediterranean blend of Grenache, Cinsault, Carignan and Syrah.
It comes from Herault (main city: Montpellier) and can be the perfect company for your barbecue or some cheese and a simple salad.

Let's Talk about Chocolate with a Number of UK sources

Who does not enjoy a few bites of heavenly chocolates?
Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini who calls himself the Hermes of chocolate opened this year a shop in London. He offers Londoners who want to add a special zing to their party such things as a Chocolate Fountain (for about $1000.00 per evening).
If you happen to be in London on the last Tuesday of the month, they usually offer Chocolate Tastings.
If you are not traveling to Europe, check another wonderful offering, a website called Seventy Percent . It includes a BLOG, a sort of chocolate encyclopedia/review called Chocopaedia and a host of wonderful illustrations and informations.
Makes me think that I should always keep some chocolate samplers at my desk.
The adrenaline rush might prevent me from skipping a whole week of posting, sorry I missed you too.

Concierges: Doing the Heavy Lifting so You can Work or Play Better

Most of us come to realize that there are not enough hours in the day or rather that our to-do-list is too long. There are also things that fall to the bottom of that list and stay there because we do not feel like dealing with them.
As the summer season is almost here, we feel we need to take more time to enjoy the outdoors and visit friends and family. We try to negotiate the tension between work and 'down time'.

Reflecting on all these elements, made me reconsider the definition of what a concierge service like Montclair Concierges is useful for.

In a nutshell, the function of a concierge is to take care of things:

  • you do not have time to address,
  • do not like to do,
  • cannot take care of because you have to be somewhere else (like work)
  • have personal time for things like reading , yoga
  • so you can take a nap or just empty your head.

Not every decision we take is made in the name of efficiency, contentment can be another reason.

Brazil, Brazil....Remix Album from Bebel Gilberto and 4 song Release for Cibele



Just released last week, an album of re-mixes of sultry Bebel Gilberto titled, surprise, 'Remixed', with wooping basses and dreamy synth lines puts you in the right mood for a lazy summer afternoon.

Also worth mentioning , is a 4 song Dual Disc ( 4 songs and 4 videos actually) of CIBELE called 'About a girl' with a cover of an early song from Nirvana with the same title. Check the 'About the girl' Video .
This is a teaser before her full second album.

Going to Scotland this Summer, Try the 'Royal Scotsman' train for a taste of luxury

If you travel to Scotland this Summer and want to have a taste of old fashioned travel and luxury try The Royal Scotsman Train .
All trips start from Edinburgh. You are welcomed before boarding by a piper. The  decor has an edwardian flavor. A maximum of 36 guests and an upscale restaurant car make this a very special experience. The menu offers local scottish shellfish, game and Aberdeen Angus beef.
Options range from a 1 night trip ($1,120 per person based on double occupancy) to 7 nights ($ 8,230)
all inclusive.

Recipe for 'Artichoke and Goat Cheese Mille Feuile' by Clotilde Dusoulier

Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate and Zucchini   fame offers us an Artichoke and Goat Cheese Mille Feuille Recipe as published yesterday, June 1st,  on 'Kitchen Window'.

Being born in Brittany, I myself grew up eating artichokes and still enjoy having them if not as a meal as a starter.

A Mille-Feuille is better known here in the States as a Napoleon.
I remember enjoying the cream filled ones many times that i picked up as my afternoon snack on my way back from school .