Our first E-Book : working title: 'the 10 commandments of lifestyle management' is in the works

After a conversation with our friend Jay Jacobs , it started making sense to expand on some of the topics covered by this blog in book form. So we started working on an e-book, tentatively titled : " The 10 commandments of Lifestyle management". It should be available late August-early September.
We will keep you posted

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Just tasted my first Bulgarian Cheese : Kashkaval , made with Sheep milk

Jun 29
While browsing the cheese counter at my local Whole Foods, i found a cheese that i never tried, Kashkaval. Kashkaval is a Bulgarian version of Italy's Caciocavallo ('cheese on horseback') cheese. Made with sheep's milk it is mild and semi-firm and popular with people from Mediterranean and Eastern European origin. Getting firmer when it ages, it becomes a good grating cheese.
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Like good food and company, join us for a Bastille Day Party, afternoon of July 17,

Jun 30
If you enjoy good food, good company and conversation with creative people, bloggers or more simply a summer afternoon outdoors, join Crizella and Serge of Montclair Concierges in the backyard of Kim and Jay Jacobs of My Pet Fat In West Orange, New Jersey for a Bastille Day Party on Sunday, July 17, start time 1:00 pm. For directions and reservations contact us at info@montclairconcierges.com . Just let us know how many people are in...