Like good food and company, join us for a Bastille Day Party, afternoon of July 17,

If you enjoy good food, good company and conversation with creative people, bloggers or more simply a summer afternoon outdoors, join Crizella and Serge of Montclair Concierges in the backyard of Kim and Jay Jacobs of My Pet Fat In West Orange, New Jersey for a Bastille Day Party on Sunday, July 17, start time 1:00 pm.
For directions and reservations contact us at .
Just let us know how many people are in your party and what you will bring, either food or drink.

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Our first E-Book : working title: 'the 10 commandments of lifestyle management' is in the works

Jun 29
After a conversation with our friend Jay Jacobs , it started making sense to expand on some of the topics covered by this blog in book form. So we started working on an e-book, tentatively titled : " The 10 commandments of Lifestyle management". It should be available late August-early September. We will keep you posted
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Want a personalized Concierge solution, make an appointment for a Free Consultation

Jul 1
We do realize that a Face to Face meeting can help kickstart a business relationship so if you want to use the concierges services of Montclair Concierges and New Jersey Concierges but would like us to sit down with you to better assess your needs and when and where they can best be met, contact us at or for a free consultation. We will meet you at the most convenient place (office, home)...