Entertaining interview of writer Hari Kunzru in the FT week-end

British-Indian writer Hari Kunzu whose second novel 'Transmission' was recently published in Paperback gave an entertaining interview to the Financial Times this past week-end.
He makes no bones of using  a 'lifestyle management' company (what I would call a 'personal assistant' or 'concierge') during the renovation of his house so he could do research on his next project.

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2 customer service experiences: How 'Jet Blue' was helpful and 'Cingular Wireless' just followed their script

Jun 25
In the past few months, I had diametrically opposed 'customer service' experiences. The first one that i just finished dealing with was with Cingular Wireless. Back in February, I gave my teenage son a cell phone so we could contact him in case of emergencies. I did tell him to use it only when needed. Nevertheless, I did find out over the course of the next 2 billing cycles that he had downloaded 'ring tones'...
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Just tasted my first Bulgarian Cheese : Kashkaval , made with Sheep milk

Jun 29
While browsing the cheese counter at my local Whole Foods, i found a cheese that i never tried, Kashkaval. Kashkaval is a Bulgarian version of Italy's Caciocavallo ('cheese on horseback') cheese. Made with sheep's milk it is mild and semi-firm and popular with people from Mediterranean and Eastern European origin. Getting firmer when it ages, it becomes a good grating cheese.