As it was Father's Day, I was not able to join Clotilde of 'Chocolate & Zucchini' at OTTO in New York

Had it been any other day, i would have been glad to join Clotilde of Chocolate and Zucchini and a number of food and blog afficionados on June 19.
They met at Otto Enoteca Pizzeria one of Mario Battali's creations.
What could be better during the summer months than to have a quiet time tasting some wines with cheeses and antipasto in a wine bar atmosphere, reminds me of some wine and tapas bar in Sevilla (Spain) with as many customers hanging outside than in. Maybe it was due to the lack of air conditioning as well.

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For the Golfers amongst us, "The Groove" ('A driving range for the brain)

Jun 23
While browsing the website of favourite design and creative firm Coudal Partners based in Chicago, we discovered a Golf Product they are involved in called The Groove that they tag as a 'Driving Range for the Brain'. Its aim is to help golfers improve their focus and coordination. The origin of the product lies with techniques used with stroke patients and people affected by ADHD.
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2 customer service experiences: How 'Jet Blue' was helpful and 'Cingular Wireless' just followed their script

Jun 25
In the past few months, I had diametrically opposed 'customer service' experiences. The first one that i just finished dealing with was with Cingular Wireless. Back in February, I gave my teenage son a cell phone so we could contact him in case of emergencies. I did tell him to use it only when needed. Nevertheless, I did find out over the course of the next 2 billing cycles that he had downloaded 'ring tones'...