I invite you to Join Bill Jensen to Discuss his book "What is your life's work?" on June 14 in Montclair

Wearing one on my other hats, that of a business networking facilitator, I invite you to join us on June 14 at 6:30 pm at the  Church Street Cafe located at 12 Church Street in Montclair to discuss with Bill Jensen his new book: "What is your life's work? Answer the big question of what really matters in work and life..." published this month by Harper Collins.
To know more about Bill's book visit Our Life's Work
For Event Information and Reservations visit Our Life Event Page
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The Financial Times launches a contest for Children: Its Price: Meet JK Rowling

May 20
Here is the contest's idea: "The winning child who must be aged between 8 and 16 will win a chance to review the new Harry Potter book for the Financial times and be able to question her at a news conference" read more in Financial Times Week End
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Could you tell me 5 things a Concierge Service like ours, Montclair Concierges, would be most useful for you

May 24
Now that the summer season is almost with us, I would be interested to hear from you the 5 things you would personally find most useful in the services offered by a company like us at Montclair Concierges and New Jersey Concierges Talk to us We will listen We will let you know in a little while what the TOP 5 is. Thank you