A refresher on the Differences between 'Brie' and Camenbert" cheeses

On Cheese: After a recent exchange with a friend who is a chef, I went back to checking the differences between BRIE and CAMEMBERT . To put it briefly they come from different regions, camembert from Normandy and Brie from Ile de France, think of it as the difference between Burgundy and Rhone wines. One of my favorite Web Sites which I used for this piece is French Cheese UK as besides the cheese description, they give you the best wine and bread pairing.

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Thinking of Traveling to the 'Champagne' region Read 'Destination Champagne'

May 28
If you are thinking of visiting Reims and the Champagne Region in the coming months, a book worth reading is 'Destination Champagne'' by Philippe Boucheron . See for yourself who the most welcoming growers are. Get a leg up on planning your trip.
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On June 3rd, Montclair Concierges offers Dinner to Go delivered to you as you get off the Train

May 31
A little bit of promotion today as we introduce a new service this week. Starting June 3rd, Montclair Concierges in partnership with Church Street Cafe offers Dinner to Go delivered right in your hands at the Bay Street Train Station as you get off the train: Service offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Order any item from the Church Street Cafe Dinner Menu one hour to two hours prior to your...