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On June 3rd, Montclair Concierges offers Dinner to Go delivered to you as you get off the Train

A little bit of promotion today as we introduce a new service this week.

Starting June 3rd,  Montclair Concierges in partnership with Church Street Cafe offers Dinner to Go delivered right in your hands at the Bay Street Train Station as you get off the train:

  • Service offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.
  • Minimum 2 entrees  
  • Service fee: $10.00 per order    
  • Orders must be placed by calling 973-941-0981    
  • All we need from you is your name, a credit card and its expiration date and your cell phone number
  • If you want us to complement your Order to Go with some wine, a cake, flowers, a book, a gift or any other item, let us know, in that case our $29.00 hourly rate applies.
  • If you want your Dinner to Go delivered to a different location in Montclair, Bloomfield or Glenridge, consult with us.
  • If you have a large group and wish to order from Church Street Buffet Party Menu consult with us first, in that case orders need to be placed 3 hours prior to delivery.

If you think of other services you would like us us to add to our offerings, let us know.

A refresher on the Differences between 'Brie' and Camenbert" cheeses

On Cheese: After a recent exchange with a friend who is a chef, I went back to checking the differences between BRIE and CAMEMBERT . To put it briefly they come from different regions, camembert from Normandy and Brie from Ile de France, think of it as the difference between Burgundy and Rhone wines. One of my favorite Web Sites which I used for this piece is French Cheese UK as besides the cheese description, they give you the best wine and bread pairing.

Could you tell me 5 things a Concierge Service like ours, Montclair Concierges, would be most useful for you

Now that the summer season is almost with us, I would be interested to hear from you the 5 things you would personally find most useful in the services offered by a company like us at Montclair Concierges and New Jersey Concierges
Talk to us
We will listen
We will let you know in a little while what the TOP 5 is.
Thank you

I invite you to Join Bill Jensen to Discuss his book "What is your life's work?" on June 14 in Montclair

Wearing one on my other hats, that of a business networking facilitator, I invite you to join us on June 14 at 6:30 pm at the  Church Street Cafe located at 12 Church Street in Montclair to discuss with Bill Jensen his new book: "What is your life's work? Answer the big question of what really matters in work and life..." published this month by Harper Collins.
To know more about Bill's book visit Our Life's Work
For Event Information and Reservations visit Our Life Event Page

Want to take a Longer Vacation, Try 'Digsville'

A fellow New Jersey entrepreneur, Helen Bergstein, is the soul of DIGSVILLE , a home and hospitality exchange service.
Their tag line is: "Where smart folks spend a little to travel a lot more". The idea is that you swap your residence for someone else's home, therefore reducing the cost of your stay a great deal.
You can choose people whose profile is compatible with yours in areas such as neatness, space and so forth.
Their website is very user friendly. Type the name of the country where you plan on going and choices available come up.
In order to use the service there is a membership fee.
Take a look.