New favorite wine....Castano 2003 (Spain) Monastrell Red Wine

I just found this wine a week ago.

The Castano 2003 from Spain is a Monastrell Red Yecla Wine.

It is a medium bodied wine.

I tend to buy new wines based on the distributer/importer.

This one is an Eric Solomon- European Cellars Selection.

I kinda trust some of these guys like you trust a record label to put out interesting  music.

At around $8.00 it is a bargain.

The restaurant were I work when I am not tending to Montclair Concierges, Napa Valley Grille (Paramus, New Jersey) carries only American Wines(except for Champagne obviously), almost all from California so when I buy wine at retail I tend to buy selections from other countries than the US

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Krafty...The new single by New Order tops my List lately

Mar 22
While logging on Rhapsody last week, I found out New Order had a new single, 'Krafty'. Since then it has been a top 5 favorite on my playlist. The cover reminds me of 'Autobahn' from Kraftwerk. The song itself is very catchy , vintage New Order at its best.