How long can one keep smoked salmon?

Having leftovers of smoked salmon post Easter sunday, I wondered how long you could safely keep it.

I asked Eric, a sous-chef. His answer was at least a good 2 weeks if it is properly refrigerated.

So after making farfalle with smoked salmon and fresh mozzarella for Lunch on Monday, today's Lunch will be baby spinach and smoked salmon salad.

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Cannot Come up with Any (but One) Easter 'flavored' bands or music...Any Suggestions?

Mar 25
I was scratching my head trying to remember songs or bands with an EASTER twist to them. All i could come up with was the english band EASTERHOUSE. Send me your suggestions.
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If you like champagne, check Jancis Robinson's Wine Column of Last Saturday's Financial Times

Mar 31
One of my favorite things to read on the week-end is Jancis Robinson's wine column in the Financial Times. You can find it (no registration required) on her website under 'wine news'. Her March 26th column was on Champagne and how "you're better off seeking out non-vintages from individual growers rather than carefully marketed bubbly from big names."